Professional Summary

William. Derry Heasley, PsyD
Professional Acomplishments

• Licensed Psychologist & Health Service Provider Lic. #7033 - Massachusetts

• Graduated with honors B.A. Psychology: Kent State

• Graduated Masters in Professional Psychology: Antioch New England

• Graduated with Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: Antioch New England an APA approved Graduate Program

• North Shore Children's Hospital/Behavioral Medicine Team

• Center of Family Development/Sexual Trauma Intervention and Treatment

• Addison-Gilbert Hospital & North Shore Children's Hospital/Psychiatric ER Consultant

• Director of Clinical Services/Northeastern Famly Institute

• (EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing training 2004 under Dr. Francine Shapiro

•Neurofeedback in a Clinical Practice

•Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology for Neurofeedback, Harold L. Burke, Ph.D.

•Intermediate Neurofeedback-Ed Hamlin, Ph.D.

•Beta Reset and Adjunct Modalities-Jaclyn Gisburne, Ph.D. & Jana C. Harr, B.A.