Dr. Heasley, of Clear Minds of Cape Ann is the only licensed and qualified clinician on Cape Ann currently offering Neurofeedback services.

Neurofeedback is a specific mode of Biofeedback. Other modes include heart rate variability (HRV), galvanic skin response (GSR), Electromyogram (EMG), temperature(TEMP) and yet others.

Neurofeedback is electroencephalogram (EEG) based and involves the feedback of real time information to you based on your own brainwaves for the purpose of training to optimize your brainwave functioning. You learn to regulate your frequencies and their amplitudes or phase relationships toward the goal of achieving both balance and flexibility. Thus, you can move smoothly between relaxation and activation when needed. Neurofeedback is approved by the FDA for acheiving the relaxation response (see Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson).

Dr. Heasley is pleased to note his affiliation as an Independent Affiliate of EEG Education and Research, Inc., the new iteration of EEG Spectrum International, Inc.

Dr. Heasley's practice at Clear Minds of Cape Ann is independently owned, controlled and operated separately and distinctly from EEG Education and Research, Inc. and EEG Spectrum International, Inc.

Find other neurofeedback practitioners and evidence-based studies and articles about neurofeedback at www.eegspectrum.com